Charging Networks

There are many charging networks in the United States and Canada. Not all are present everywhere, but you can often have several in a region.
There are 2 categories of charging networks:

Networked charging stations (smart charging stations or connected stations)

With a connected charging stations you can see the live status of the station on the ChargeHub website and mobile application. A membership is required to use a networked charging station. There is usually a fee to use a networked EV charging station but some operators offer this service for free.

Non-networked charging stations

It is not possible to have the live status of a non-networked charging station. However, with ChargeHub you can check-in at a station while your car is charging to let other EV drivers know this station is not available for the moment. You do not need a membership to use a non-networked station and it is usually free.

Here is a list of the networks/operators you can find in Canada and the United States: