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Electric Vehicle Trip Planner

Easily find all the EV charging stations available along your route in North America.

To learn more about the different types of charging stations and how to charge before planning your trip, check out our guide on  ”How To Charge Your Electric Car With Charging Stations.

ev trip planner

How To Use The EV Trip Planner?

To access the trip planner from the ChargeHub website, click on “Map”, in the top left corner of the navigation bar.

ev route planning

Once you are on the map page, you can open the trip planner panel by clicking the “Trip Planner” tab on the left side of the charging stations map page.

ev trip planner canada

To enable the planner, click on the “OFF/ON” button so that it is "ON". Note that at this point, you will have the option to select the unit of measurement by clicking on "KM".

Once enabled the Trip Planner right sidebar will be displayed.

plan electric car trip

ev trip planner

Enter Your Trip Details

Enter a “Starting Point” and “Destination” in the trip planner. It will suggest options based on what you input. Select the option you want, as shown in the following screenshot.

electric vehicle road trip planner


Now you have the option to choose how far away from your route you want the charging stations to be. Then click on "Find Routes". 

electric car charging stations trip planner


After clicking on “Find Routes” you will be asked to choose which route you prefer from the proposed routes as seen below, on the right panel of the Trip Planner:

ev charging stations route planner

Once you select a route, click on "Start Planning My Trip" and start adding charging stations to your itinerary, as explained in the following section "Add Charging Stops to your Itinerary".

ev charging stations trip planner

electric car charging stations route planner

Add Charging Stops to your Itinerary

At this point, you can add charging stations to your trip by zooming in on the map and clicking on map markers.

charging station route planner

If you are planning to use the ChargeHub App to activate the station and pay, please make sure to select charging stations that have a golden thunderbolt in the center, as seen in the image below.

route planner with charging points

Only the charging stations that have a golden thunderbolt in the center are compatible with ChargeHub’s wallet app. You can pay for your charging sessions, across all available networks, at these charging stations, from within the app.

Once you have selected a charging station, all the information regarding the station will be displayed, on the right side of the screen.

charging station trip planner

Based on your EV and charging preferences, you can decide if the charging station meets your needs. If it does, add it to your trip by clicking "Add to trip".

tesla charging stations route planner

NOTE: If you click on “See Complete Details” you will exit the trip planner and it will reset. In this case, you will need to start the whole Trip Planner process again from step one.

Once the charging station has been selected, it will be added to your trip as shown below.

plan a trip with charging stations

If you need to add more charging stations, select and add as many as you need, by following the same process.

plan route with charging stations

Save And Share Your EV Trip

Once you have finalized your itinerary you can: 

  • Save your trip in your account for future reference
  • Access your saved trips.

NOTE: To save and load a trip, you must be logged in to your  ChargeHub account.