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Discover the world of electric cars today!

ChargeHub Guides allow you to familiarize yourself with the world of electric vehicles. They will help you understand range, charging, how electric cars save you money, their environmental impact and much more

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how much does it cost to charge an electric car

How to choose the right home charging station?

Type=Home Charging

Congratulations! You’ve made up your mind about buying an electric car. Now it's time to choose a home charging station. 

how much to charge an electric car

Compare the best level 2 EV charger for home.

Type=Home Charging

Quickly compare the most popular level 2 EV home charging stations based on the features and functionalities they provide.

how much is a electric car charger

Find which EV charging station is the best.

Type=Home Charging

Find the optimal level 2 home charging station, according to the electric vehicle (EV) you drive and its power acceptance.

how to find ev charging stations

How to charge an EV at home?

Type=Home Charging

Find out everything you need to know about charging an electric vehicle at home in this quick guide.

ev trip planner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Type=Home Charging

Our home charging station FAQ answers to the most common questions about public, home charging as well as for buying a charger.

ontario electric charger rebate

Incentives for EV chargers available in Canada


Discover the incentives in place in Canada to help electric car and plug-in hybrid owners to purchase a level 2 home charger.

ev charger rebate

Canadian federal and provincial EV rebates


Discover the several incentive programs available to help Canadians make the acquisition of an electric car.

ev charging station rebate

A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Cars

Type=Public Charging

Learn everthing you need to know about charging an EV at home. After all, it is the most affordable and convenient way to charge an electric car.
how much does an ev charging station cost

How to use the ChargeHub map?


Learn everything you need to know about using the ChargeHub Map, such as the filters and other features.

electric vehicle trip planner

How to use the Electric Vehicle Trip Planner?


Planning a road trip? This guide will help you use our powerful trip planner tool, allowing you to find EV charging stations along your route.