Home Charger Comparison

Are you considering buying an electric car and wondering how you’ll charge at home? This table is for you! It compares different models of home charging stations, showing key specifications and differences. You can even order right here.

Model EVduty EVC30 Schneider EV230WS AV EVSE-RS
Price 799$ 799$ 799$
Max Power 7.2kW
Max output amperage 30A
Electrical panel requirement Dedicated 40A circuit breaker
Voltage 208-240V
Connector SAE J1772
Cable length 25ft 18ft 25ft
Installation Outdoor or indoor, with Nema 6-50 plug Indoor, hardwired Outdoor or indoor, hardwired
Minimum operating temperature -40C -30C -30C
Portable Yes No No
Timer programmable No Yes No
Cable and connector support included Cable support only Yes Yes
Personalised skin available No Yes No
Warranty 36 months on station, 12 months on cable and connector 18 months 36 months
Government rebates available Ontario, Quebec

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