Zef Energy, is a network of charging stations for electric vehicles extending from Northern Minnesota to Eastern Michigan.

They offer all level 3 fast chargers that have a choice of SAE Combo or CHAdeMo connector. Locate the Zef Energy stations in various parking lots (paid and free) using ChargeHub’s charging station map.

The charging station’s availability and description (connector, price, location, etc.) will also be indicated on this map.


You can either register for the ChargeHub passport (membership is free for now) or may also register for a Zef Energy account at the price of $29.99/month. I will give you the first 30 minutes of each charge free then additional minutes will be charged $0.20/min.

Cost of Charging

Please note that if you wish to access a charging station in a paid parking lot, you must pay the normal price of a parking place, which is not included in the Zef Energy registration fee. Prices per charge vary, but by using ChargeHub’s free mobile app before charging, you can find out the rates applicable at the charging station.

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