Volta Industries LLC, an enterprise that develops and installs charging stations for electric vehicles, was founded in 2010 in San Francisco. The Volta network installs and manages its level 2 charging stations completely free of charge. In 2015, Volta installed more than 110 sponsored charging stations in shopping centers’ parking lots in Honoloulu, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, Illinois, San Diego and Phoenix. They are all equipped with a universal connector.

In 2016, Volta’s level 2 charging stations have provided the equivalent of 6.74 million electric free miles, avoiding the use of 259,000 gallons of gas. During the same year, Volta took on the volition to install 600 more charging stations in the next 12 months. This objective is made possible by working with Black & Veatch’s, a specialist when it comes to establishing a smart charging infrastructure.

We can find their charging stations in California, Arizona, Hawaii, and many more states. The best way to find out where all of Volta’s charging stations are located, regardless of which network you belong to, is by using ChargeHub’s charging station map.

Cost Per Charge

Volta’s level 2 charging stations are free and installed in easily reachable places. In fact, Volta offers sponsorship opportunities, and uses this revenue to keep the service alive. Whole foods, Sungevity, and Oakland Athletics are a few of the sponsors that make all this possible. For example, Whole Foods has more than 37 level 2 charging stations on their parking lots.

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