Shell Recharge

Shell Recharge is an experienced integrator that installs charging stations in public, commercial and residential spaces in more than 13 countries around the world. In Canada and the United-States, Shell Recharge offers level 2 charging stations (240 volts) with a SAE J1772 connector and fast charging stations equipped with a CHAdeMO or CCS Combo connector. You can use ChargeHub’s charging station map to locate them.

Shell Recharge is also participating in the Kia ChargeUP and EZ-Charge programs. Kia ChargeUp gives easy access to Kia Soul electric vehicle drivers to level 3 charging stations (DCFC) provided by Shell Recharge in participating Kia dealerships and more.

In connection to the EZ-Charge program, this one gives EV drivers access to various charging networks (such as Shell Recharge), all from the convenience of a single and unique card.


Shell Recharge does not offer membership plans. This network prefers to use a system that allows any driver who wants to plug-in, pay and charge their electric vehicle, to do so. There are three ways to pay once your electric vehicle is plugged in – by credit card, by using their mobile application or by phone. You do not need to login in order to charge your card, however you can do so if you want to benefit from notifications, charging history and your charging progression.

Cost Per Charge

Every site that hosts a Shell Recharge charging station manages the user fees. In other words, Shell Recharge does not have membership fees. The cost per charge is indicated on ChargeHub’s charging station map in the description of the charging station.

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