Tesla Motors was established in 2003 in the famous Silicon Valley by a group of engineers, lead by the revolutionary Elon Musk, who wanted to prove that electric vehicles could be a better alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles. Tesla believes that electric vehicles could be faster, more performing and more efficient, as well as offer a sustainable alternative to one of the world’s most important problems.

Tesla has a strong presence in the electrification of the transportation industry, and the charging stations infrastructure. Hence, they created a network of Supechargers, level 3 charging stations that are available to all Tesla owners for free. Using these charging stations, it only takes a Model S Tesla or Model X Tesla a few minutes to fully charge.

In 2016, more than 682 level 3 charging stations (Superchargers) have been placed strategically to minimise the amount of time spent recharging. These charging stations are generally placed next to restaurants, malls, and places where Wi-Fi is available. Each station has multiple connectors – there are currently more than 4,175 that are only compatible with Tesla vehicles (2016).

You can find out where the level 3 Supercharging stations are using ChargeHub’s interactive map available for iOS and Android.


There is no membership required to gain access to Tesla’s network of superchargers, but these chargers use connectors that are only compatible with Tesla vehicles. In other words, these Superchargers are reserved for Tesla owners only. In addition to Superchargers, and with the collaboration of a growing number of partners, Tesla owners can gain access to level 2 charging station located in strategic centers.

Cost Per Charge

Tesla owners have free access to all Superchargers under Tesla’s network. This is the case all around the world. In only 30 minutes, the charge can provide the necessary fuel to go 270 kilometres in a Model S or Model X.

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