Sun Country Highway

Sun Country Highway is a private network that was founded in Saskatchewan. Kent Rathwell, president and founder of the Sun Country Highway network, has made it a goal to electrify Canada’s roads and highways. With more than 1000 free level 2 charging stations, the network is allowing electric vehicle drivers to travel from one coast to the other. For example, the province of Prince Edward Island has completely electrified its road network with Sun Country Highway level 2 charging stations. Furthermore, New Brunswick also has free charging stations every 80 kilometres throughout the entire province.

Today, we can also find Sun Country Highway charging stations in the United States. All of them are equipped with a SAE J1772 connector. Use ChargeHub’s charging station map to plan out your next trip with your electric vehicle, and find out where all of Sun Country Highway’s free level 2 charging stations are located. With the filter tool available on the ChargeHub map, you can add specifications to your search, such as the name of a network, to easily find the charging stations you are looking for.


There is no membership cost to join the Sun Country Highway network. However, it is not mandatory to become a member in order to use one of their free level 2 charging stations.

Cost Per Charge

The large majority of Sun Country Highway’s level 2 charging stations are free. The network that began in the Canadian prairies had the objective to offer free charging stations all across the Trans-Canada Highway. Accordingly, Sun Country Highway has installed free level 2 charging stations from the city of St. John’s (Newfoundland), all the way to Victoria (British-Columbia).

Nevertheless, it is always the possibility to come across a level 2 charging stations from this network that requires payment. In these cases, the price will vary depending on the host.

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