SemaConnect charging stations are outfitted with a SAE J1772 connector. The company has a lease program available with monthly payment option to help businesses fund the charging stations and installation cost. SemaConnect also operates the SemaConnect network.

It is one of the leading providers of EV charging infrastructure in North America. In the United States, you can find SemaConnect charging stations in more than 20 states such as Virginia, Florida, California, Oregon, Maryland and New Jersey. In Canada, SemaConnect stations are mainly located in British Columbia and in Quebec


Signing up to SemaConnect is free. If you add your credit or debit card to your SemaConnect account, an initial $10.00 will be transferred to your SemaConnect account. After that, $20.00 will be automatically transferred to your account every time your account balance is showing $0. You can choose to add up to $250.00 to your account.

You can activate a SemaConnect station directly through the ChargeHub app on Android, no membership required.

Cost Per Charge

SemaConnect charging stations are independently owned. The charging stations owners determine the fee to charge at their stations. To know the cost to charge at a specific charging station check out the description of the station on the ChargeHub charging stations map.

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