GE WattStation

The GE WattStation charging stations were created within General Electric’s (GE) ecomagination program. In order to grow its range of residential charging stations, the corporate giant from the United States decided to develop a network of level 2 public charging stations. The GE WattStation is equipped with a solid SAE J1772 connector. GE also offers charging station solutions for residential and commercial projects.

We can find their public level 2 charging stations in various States as well as in Canada, like British-Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. By using ChargeHub’s charging stations map, you will be able to find all the GE WattStation charging stations across North America. Use the filter tool to select the network you are looking for.


There are no fees required to become a member. To this network, simply go online and open an account on the WattStation Connect website, and thereafter you will be able to connect to any of their level 2 charging stations. After creating an account online, you can download their mobile app available for iOS and Android. This app allows you to configure, control, and overlook the status of your charging vehicle. There are various reports that are made available to you, such as the reduction of greenhouse emissions and gasoline savings.

Cost Per Charge

The costs involved with using this network of charging stations varies depending on the session, and is usually calculated by kWh or by the hour. It is the owners of the charging stations that choose what price they want to charge, so costs can vary greatly. To discover in advance what the cost per charge is, you can use ChargeHub’s interactive map, which indicates the cost in the description of the charging station.

To pay, members can link up their PayPal accounts, by an access card, or pay with credit card using their smartphone.

Level 2 charging stations within this network are easily distinguishable, as they have ring-shaped LED light illuminating them, signalling the status of the charging station. When the color is white, the charging station is in standby mode, when the color is green, it is charging, and when red, there has been a disruption in the service.

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