Astria Technologies

Founded in 2014 in La Pocatière, the Astria Technologies Network (formally Doc Borné) is one of the largest level 2 charging station networks in Quebec. You will find their level 2 charging stations next to offices, parking lots, private residential areas, commercial centers, and even internationally.

First of all, their charging stations have a payment function integrated to pay for both the parking lot and the charging session at the same time. Astia Technologies builds their level 2 charging stations with a J1772 connectors. To find out where this network’s charging stations are, use ChargeHub’s mobile map.

In 2016, Astria Technologies developed a partnership with the company MacKay Meters in order to create new and innovative level 2 charging stations. MacKay Meters is known throughout the world for their work in innovating systems for charging stations in private or public spaces.


Astria Technologies’ charging stations are recognized for having a method of payment that is simple and universal, and that can be used by anyone – without membership or subscription. The network is one of the only ones where users can pay a charging station with cash, by credit or debit card or by a member card. In other words, no network or subscription fees are necessary.

Cost Per Charge

The cost really differs depending on where you are. You can check in advance what the cost per charge of a specific charging station is by using ChargeHub’s interactive map. Furthermore, the owner of the charging station can give free access to electric vehicle travellers, or he can control them remotely.

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