EVs Are Good for Electric Utilities

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Downward Pressure on Electricity Rates

Real-world experience by utilities in markets with relatively high penetration of EVs shows that EV charging brings additional utility revenues that vastly exceed the costs to generate and deliver the additional energy. And demand management, like direct load control and time-of-use electricity rates, further improves the economics of EV charging.

These net economic benefits exert a downward pressure on rates for all ratepayers – not just to those driving EVs.

Stronger Customer Engagement

Before: Listening to customers about outages and billing

After: empowering your customers to see friends & family; learn about EV charging options, and deliver value.

Leading utilities leverage the new touch points, with robust education, outreach and assistance programs, including dealer engagement and partnerships with contractors and charging station site hosts, with a focus on providing value for the customer.

Did you know that EV drivers are also the most digitally engaged customers and prime customers for other utility program?

Unlocking Business Opportunities for Electric Utilities

While regulations shape the business models, leading utilities are developing new business opportunities through home, public and workplace charging in collaboration with site hosts. Some utilities are now selling chargers and installation services to homeowners and businesses, others are operating charging networks.

With EV drivers voicing dissatisfaction with public charging, utility participation removes a barrier to adoption, accelerating EV adoption and benefiting ratepayers and communities.

ChargeHub Central

EV Charging Data Management to manage customers, services and assets, wherever drivers go and across multiple charging operators

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The Business Case for Utilities Supporting Public EV Charging