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The all-in-one EV charging data management tool designed for programs like NEVI and ZEVIP, for states, provinces, energy companies, and municipalities to collect and visualize usage data from multiple charging network operators.

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Multi-Operator Data Management Portal

ChargeHub Central is the tool for data collection and reporting compliance. Data from all your charging network operators can be collected and visualized in a single web portal.

Simplify your NEVI and ZEVIP data collection and reporting obligations with Central.

National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program Link

Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) Link

Usage Data

Collect and visualize usage data from all your charging network operator vendors in a single web portal. Create NEVI reports easily.

Uptime and Reliability

Charging station uptime is calculated for you. Receive alerts when stations go down. Drivers can report outages and issues. Ensure uptime is maintained above 97%.

Customer Satisfaction

Get customer satisfaction metrics on NEVI funded stations from ChargeHub app users. Easily visualize, respond to and export metrics for reporting.

Data Reports

Receive monthly updates on public charging infrastructure by state and province.

ChargeHub is the only vendor that offers electric vehicle charging data management to consolidate charging data across multiple charging operators.

From EV Pioneers

ChargeHub Central people have been in the EV charging industry for a decade

To EV Drivers

A million unique users accessed ChargeHub platforms in the last 12 months

By Utilities and Governments

Central was designed in close collaboration with EV-focused utilities and governments

At Scale

Central is being used by some of the largest utilities and governments in North America

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