Although AeroVironment is mostly known for its development of solar-powered vehicles, this company also has its own network (EV Solutions) and is a large supplier of charging stations for residential and commercial purposes. These services are offered through its network EV Solutions.

With more than 30 years of experience in the electric car industry, AeroVironment implements the Posicharge™ technology to rapidly charge electric vehicles. Its charging stations are also made “smart”, and features technologies such as Active Cooling and Auto Watering. Both level 2 stations and level 3 (DCFC) stations are equipped with a SAE J1772 connector.

Drivers can charge their electric vehicles at level 2 or fast charging stations mainly in Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii. To find out where all of them are, as well as any other charging station in North America, check out the ChargeHub charging station map.


To open an account with AeroVironment (EV Solutions), you must pay $15 (USD). Users can sign up online to gain their services.

Cost of Charging

When you become a member AeroVironment offers you a keychain, gaining you access to charging stations throughout the West Coast Electric Highway for a limited time(located on the boarder of the Pacific Ocean in Washington and Oregon). This costs $19.99 (USD)/month, giving you unlimited access to all the charging stations across the highway.

You can pay per session by calling the customer service center. The cost for level 2 charging stations is $4.00 (USD) per session, or $7.50 (USD) per session for level 3 charging stations.

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