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Charging stats in a 15km radius of Victoria

  • Level 2 percent: 93.88%
  • Level 2 total: 92
  • Level 3 percent: 6.12%
  • Level 3 total: 6
  • Free percent: 47.96%
  • Free total: 47
  • City Total: 98
  • Main Networks: Flo,Sun Country Highway


Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, is located on the southern part of Vancouver Island and has more than level 2 charging stations and level 3 charging stations within 15km. Among these public EV charging stations, of the stations offer free charges for your electric car.

Also known as The City of Gardens, this city is a popular tourism destination with its mild climate and its great outdoors places. In 2015, the City won the Garden Tourism Award (International Garden Destination of the Year). One of the most popular garden to visit is The Butchart Gardens with its 55 acres of gardens.

In Victoria, electric cars displaying a decal issued by the Province of British Columbia are allowed in reserved HOV lanes (High Occupancy Vehicle) without having to carry two or more people. Electric car drivers must apply to the BC Electric Vehicles in HOV lanes program to receive their decal.

The Greater Victoria Region had its first DC Fast Charger installed in March 2015 with the DCFC in the District of Saanich. Throughout the city you will find several charging networks in operation such as ChargePoint, Sun Country Highway, Greenlots, Tesla and Flo (VERnetwork). You can find out more about these charging networks (policies, pricing and registration information) by visiting our networks section.

You will find a rich network of level 2 charging stations downtown Victoria making it easy to EV drivers to travel around and charge their electric car. Find all the charging stations in Victoria with the ChargeHub charging stations map. You will have all the information you need (location, network, cost per charge, availability, directions) about Victoria’s public charging infrastructure to plan your EV trip.

Rapidly find your next charging stop in Victoria City with the ChargeHub app available for Android and iOS.

The city of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, has 98 public charging station ports (Level 2 and Level 3) within 15km. 93.88% of the ports are level 2 charging ports and 47.96% of the ports offer free charges for your electric car.

The two main charging networks in operation are Flo and Sun Country Highway. You can find out more about the charging networks (policies, pricing and registration information) by visiting our networks section.

With the ChargeHub charging stations map you have all the information you need about Victoria’s public charging infrastructure. The charging stations description gives you the address, the type of connector, the network, the price and a lot more. ChargeHub lists all charging stations (level 1, level 2 and DC Fast Chargers) from any provider or manufacturer in North America like ChargePoint, Circuit Électrique, EVgo, SemaConnect, Sun Country Highway and Tesla. You can check out the map on the responsive website or the native iOS and Android mobile app. ChargeHub users can edit information, add pictures, add comments. Be part of a great community!