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Charge Anytime, Anywhere

Public Or Home EV Charging
Chargehub Has It All

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Charge Anytime, Anywhere

Public Or Home EV Charging
Chargehub Has It All

$50 in Charging Credit for your
Next Trip!

Purchase a home charging station and get $50 credit on the ChargeHub app to simplify your public charging experience.

Towards Your Home
EV Charging Station

Join our summer $500 giveaway by simply entering your contact details to participate.

Open to Canadian residents from
July 2 - September 30, 2024.

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Charging stations

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I was surprised to read recommendations for PlugShare over and over and I’ve been playing around to see what the hype is about. It’s ok. But just inaccurate and incomplete compared to this app. This is the best I’ve found, and it really is perfect thus far.

App Store

Great app with lots of info about the individual charging stations and plugs. Other app chargers are even listed so I don't have to use multi apps to find the location and which app would work with the station

Lee Lindsay
Play Store

I drive cross country 2-3 times a year, and this is easily the best charging app I’ve used. It’s user-friendly, and the trip planner is a life saver. The fact that it doesn’t collect user data is also greatly appreciated. I wish more apps were like that.

We're so hungry
App Store

So far, this app has been very helpful and definitely made my life with an EV a lot easier! I would recommend this app to others and will continue to use it.

Pahl Gorman
Play Store

This all-in-one app for EVs will help you find every charging station that exists. Thank you to the Devs for creating such an app. You can even filter to show only the free chargers! What more do you need?

App Store

Overall experience has been great! No major issues with the app. I can locate chargers easily, almost always works the first time without a hiccup. Check-ins are fast and easy. And I can track my charging on my phone which is nice and simple.

Brandon Tuxen
Play Store

EV Chargers


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The Chargehub Map

Find the EV charging stations that fit your needs, in Canada and the USA, with ChargeHub’s live map.

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Trip Planner

Effortlessly map your journey and find the best charging spots along the way
map of ev charging stations in canada

North America Coverage

Seamlessly choose and get directions to any  charging station

map of ev charging stations


Filter by charging level (L2-L3), connector type, preferred  networks, payment compatibility, etc

electric vehicle charging station rebate

Business Solutions

ChargeHub is a partner of EV industry leaders. We have developed a complete suite of EV drivers onboarding and charging interoperability solutions with industry leaders to scale and accelerate EV adoption.



  • Pay directly from the app across networks
  • Check real-time charging station availability
  • Find compatible charging stations in North America
  • Get the most up-to-date charging stations information
  • Plan worry-free EV journeys using our Trip Planner
  • Get live support 24/7
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