Streamline Your Interoperability Integrations with the Passport Hub

  • Manage and maintain fewer interoperability integrations
  • Integrate how you want (OCPI or custom)
  • No-cost integration
  • Generate extra revenue

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Efficiently contribute to the deployment of an equitable charging infrastructure.

Regional and local governments as well as utilities can benefit from the Passport Hub:
  • NEVI and ZEVIP-friendly solution
  • The easiest way to ensure open and equitable roaming between networks
  • Charging for all: no membership required

Peer-to-peer roaming is exponentially complex!
Reduce the compounding burden with the Passport Hub.

  • Interoperability integrations simplified

    Integrating other CPOs to your EMSP solution, or making your stations available on multiple EMSPs, is great for customers, but can be taxing for your technical, legal and accounting teams. Integrating with the Passport Hub allows you to roam with all partners through a single integration.

  • The freedom to integrate how you want

    Already have some integrations in place? Want full visibility into which EMSPs can access your stations? The Passport Hub is perfect for you. The Passport Hub is not an all-or-nothing solution. It’s a flexible and transparent solution via which you can choose how you want to integrate.

  • 100% free integration

    Integrating with ChargeHub Passport is completely free for CPOs and EMSPs. Once you get in touch with us, our technical team will sync with yours and establish a plan of action to make it easy for you to integrate.

  • A revenue-generating solution

    On top of being free, the Passport Hub can make interoperability a revenue-generator for your company.

How does the Passport Hub work?

One simple integration will let your customers access roaming partners' stations, and expose your stations to their customers.

What EV drivers say

Drivers want interoperability. Enable it for them with minimal effort.

ChargeHub Passport is supported by NRCan

Minimize the Complexibility of Interoperability.

Streamline interoperability with the Passport Hub