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Rawdon, Québec EV Charging Stations Info

General EV Charging Information

The city of Rawdon in Québec, Canada, has 35 public charging station ports (Level 2 and Level 3) within 15km. 89% of the ports are level 2 charging ports and 26% of the ports offer free charges for your electric car.

The Municipality of Rawdon is geographically based at the boundary of the St. Lawrence River lowlands. Simultaneously, the city is located at the boundary of the mountain chain of the Laurentides, in the region of Lanaudière. Last, Rawdon is also located at a major crossroad that converges Highway 125, 337, 341 and 348.

Within a radius of 15 km of the City, you can find charging stations (level 2 and 3) for electric vehicle drivers.

As an electric vehicle driver, you can benefit from charging your EV at one of the free charging stations. Most of them are located in the city’s downtown. The charging networks that have installed the charging stations in this region are amongst others, Tesla, the Electric Circuit and EVduty.

Use ChargeHub’s charging station map to locate the charging stations based in Rawdon during your trip.

The City of Rawdon lives in harmony with nature and is surrounded by magnificent waterfalls. To start there is the Chutes-Dorwin Park. The Ouareau River flows into a waterfall on rocks, creating an 18 m high waterfall that flows into a small basin.

Subsequently there is the Cascades Park. Likewise, it is located on the Ouareau River and forms a stunning cascade on a wide staircase made of rocks, north of Lake Pontbriand. This is an ideal site to take a pleasant break. Visitors can put their feet in the river, walkabout in the numerous trails that cross the pine nut forest or have a picnic.

The City of Rawdon is equally known for its Nordic spa – La Source. This is a distinguished spa in Quebec and its unique site offers a rotation of services between hot and cold. That is to say, visitors can alternate from hot (vapour baths, dry sauna, thermal waterfall and outdoor hot tubs) to cold (Nordic waterfalls and baths).

Visit the region and plan your trip by electric vehicle with ChargeHub’s free app, available for iOS and Android.

Charging Stats For Rawdon


of Level 2 Stations


total Level 2 Stations


of Level 3 Stations


total Level 3 Stations

Percentage of Free Stations: 26%

Total Number of Free Stations: 9

Total Number of Charging Stations: 35

Main Networks: None, EVduty, ChargePoint

Popular Charging Stations in Rawdon