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Sherbrooke, Québec EV Charging Stations Info

General EV Charging Information

The city of Sherbrooke in Québec, Canada, has 219 public charging station ports (Level 2 and Level 3) within 15km. 86% of the ports are level 2 charging ports and 13% of the ports offer free charges for your electric car.

Today, the city of Sherbrooke makes available to the public charging stations (level 2 (240 volts) and level 3 (BRCC), within 15km). The regional sector of Estrie (in which Sherbrooke is located) works in collaboration with many charging networks such as the Electric Circuit, FLO, Tesla and many more, in order to install more and more charging stations on their territory.

Being a city located in the electric corridor of Sherbrooke-Magog-St.Johnsbury, the city of Sherbrooke has progressively installed four level 2 charging stations at the Marché de la Gare, in the Grenouillère parking lot, in the Plateau Sylvie-Daigle, and the Centre récréatif Rock Forest. Additionally, you can recharge for free at charging stations.You can easily find the charging stations using ChargeHub’s charging station map using the different types of search filters available.

Sherbrooke is a city full of involved people regarding the electrification of transportation. For example, the sustainable printing company – LASERPRO – delivers its recycled ink cartridges and printers by electric vehicle. There is also the University of Sherbrooke that deserves to be mentioned.

Since it adopted its Sustainable Development Policy in 2005, the University of Sherbrooke has been fully committed on the road to sustainable mobility. Following this initiative, GreenMetric WUR has ranked the University of Sherbrooke in the world’s Top 10 Sustainable Development universities in 2016.

In terms of the public charging infrastructure on its campuses, the university holds seven charging stations for electric vehicles. They are available on the Campus principal, Campus de la santé, Campus de Longueuil, Parc Innovation and at the C2MI located in Bromont. They also have 6 charging stations for internal use. Use ChargeHub’s free mobile app for iOS and Android in order to locate the charging stations.

On the tourism side, Sherbrooke’s Fresco Murals Tour is a unique attraction that transforms the downtown area in a magnificent open-air museum. Every wall is painted with Sherbrooke’s art, history and heritage, creating a beautiful art gallery free to the public.

Charging Stats For Sherbrooke


of Level 2 Stations


total Level 2 Stations


of Level 3 Stations


total Level 3 Stations

Percentage of Free Stations: 13%

Total Number of Free Stations: 28

Total Number of Charging Stations: 219

Main Networks: Circuit Électrique, Flo, Tesla

Popular Charging Stations in Sherbrooke