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Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec EV Charging Stations Info

General EV Charging Information

The city of Baie-Saint-Paul in Québec, Canada, has 28 public charging station ports (Level 2 and Level 3) within 15km. 29% of the ports are level 2 charging ports and 21% of the ports offer free charges for your electric car.

The Village of Baie-Saint-Paul is located in the Charlevoix RCM – a region that strongly supports the electrification of transportations, and is developing a network of charging stations for electric vehicles. In the Village of Baie-Saint-Paul, we count level 2 charging stations (240 Volts) and level 3 charging stations (400 Volts) within a radius of 10 miles. Among these charging stations, are free.

This region is one of the most popular destinations for North American tourists – hence the importance of developing electric tourism and the charging infrastructure in Baie-Saint-Paul.

From now own, electric vehicle owners and their passengers will be able to discover the touristic attractions of this municipality and will be able to go to shops, grocery stores and cultural enterprises while charging their EV. For example, a fast charging station has been placed at the Commercial centre near Highway 138, in Baie-Saint-Paul.

This charging station is favourably located near rue St-Jean-Baptiste and located in the shared parking lot of the inn La Muse and of the Éco-Bistro Chez Bouquet in Baie-St-Paul. Electric vehicle drivers that stay at the inn La Muse can benefit from a free charge.

The public charging stations are offered by many charging networks, such as the Electric Circuit, Tesla, FLO, Sun Country Highway and many more.

To find out the locations of all the charging stations in Baie-Saint-Paul, you can use ChargeHub’s charging stations map, available for iOS and Android.

Being located in the touristic region of Charlevoix, the Village of Baie-Saint-Paul has a relief that consists of a vast valley surrounded by soaring mountains that plunge into the St. Lawrence River.

This is explained by the fact that Baie-Saint-Paul is based in a crater. With its diameter of 56 km, the meteorite crater – also known, as the astrobleme of Charlevoix – is one of the top fifteen largest craters in the world. There are many ways to observe it, either by the naked eye, with a nature guide, by helicopter flight, or by hiking up the Mont Lac des Cygnes, in the Grands Jardins National Park.

Charging Stats For Baie-Saint-Paul


of Level 2 Stations


total Level 2 Stations


of Level 3 Stations


total Level 3 Stations

Percentage of Free Stations: 21%

Total Number of Free Stations: 6

Total Number of Charging Stations: 28

Main Networks: Tesla, Circuit Électrique, None

Popular Charging Stations in Baie-Saint-Paul