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Longueuil, Québec EV Charging Stations Info

General EV Charging Information

The city of Longueuil in Québec, Canada, has 83 public charging station ports (Level 2 and Level 3) within 15km. 93% of the ports are level 2 charging ports and 7% of the ports offer free charges for your electric car.

Longueuil has charging stations (level 2 and 3, within 15km). Amongst them, charging stations are free to the public. Longueuil is a municipality that forms an important industrial centre for electric transportation in Quebec. The proximity of the existing enterprises and innovative centres rapidly develops and deploys the electrification of transportation in Longueuil.

You can easily drive an electric vehicle in this city by using ChargeHub’s charging station map. The latter indicates the locations of all of the charging stations in North America as well as their availability and costs per charge. Additionally, with ChargeHub you can discover the networks that are established in Longueuil, such as the Electric Circuit, FLO, Tesla, and many more.

Furthermore, even the police service in Longueuil has added electric motorcycles to its fleet. The police service will benefit from electric motorcycles developed and fabricated in Longueuil, by the local enterprise Lito Green Motion.

Indeed, electric vehicles are very well perceived in Longueuil. The Minister has even put in place a project of lane designation for car sharing, electric vehicles, buses and taxis between rue Saint-Georges and the Victoria Bridge, on route 112 in Longueuil.

Besides this, Longueuil is well known for its marina. The latter is part of a vast linear park that is linked to the recreational park with a bicycle path. There, you can observe the flora and fauna and walk on an elevated pathways connecting to the Old Longueuil where you will find the gems that form its reputation, such as the Place Charles-Le Moyne and the majestic Co-Cathedral Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue.

Subsequently, the Symphonic Orchestra of Longueuil (OSDL) is recognized everywhere across the Montérégie region. They offer innovating shows and a unique symphonic music experience to large publics. Therefore, their shows are not to be missed!

Charging Stats For Longueuil


of Level 2 Stations


total Level 2 Stations


of Level 3 Stations


total Level 3 Stations

Percentage of Free Stations: 7%

Total Number of Free Stations: 6

Total Number of Charging Stations: 83

Main Networks: Circuit Électrique, Flo, Unknown

Popular Charging Stations in Longueuil