A one size fits all solution Passport to public charging for your EV. With the ChargeHub Passport membership, pay only the network fee, not the Flex fee.

What is the ChargeHub Passport membership?

Universal payment system

It's a universal activation service that allows you to initiate and pay for charging at multiple partner network stations from a single account in the application of your choice.

The right plan for you

Every ChargeHub account comes standard with a Passport Flex Plan for free.

The Flex plan allows you to activate and pay for your charging sessions at all compatible stations, but a Flex fee will be added to the network session fee, at the following rates.

Level 2 : $0.75
DCFC (Level 3) : $1.25

Waive the Flex fee from your charging sessions

With as little as $25 yearly, the ChargeHub Passport membership is a subscription that removes the Flex fee from all your charging sessions.

Currently Compatible Networks (More To Come)

With the ChargeHub Passport membership, skip the Flex fee and focus on what truly matters—your journey.


Annual Cost

Base Fee
Network Fee
Network Fee

Level 2

DCFC (Level 3)

Frequently asked questions

Will the service cover a large area?

The ChargeHub Passport membership applies to the more than 80,000 charging stations activatable via the ChargeHub application.

How to find an activatable charging station?

Look for the lightning bolt symbol on the map to see which charging station can be activated directly through the application.

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Where can I use ChargeHub Passport membership?

ChargeHub Passport membership can be used in the ChargeHub app or partner network apps to activate compatible charging stations.

Please note, however, that funds added to one wallet are not shared to other wallets.