FLO - previously VERnetwork, - is a Canadian-wide charging station network that was founded in 2011 by AddEnergy. The latter makes and develops level 2 and level 3 charging stations in Quebec. Overall, FLO’s charging stations are designed for roads, businesses and homes across the country and this network provides charging stations that are equipped with a SAE J1772 connector.

In 2016, more than 2000 FLO charging stations had been installed, serving more than 10 000 members. The network aims to deploy another 10 000 smart charging stations by 2020. The smart charging stations’ status is indicated on ChargeHub’s mobile map


There are no fees implied to become a member of FLO. You can create an account, order an access card and subsequently transfer funds. Once you are connected to your account, you can also consult your personal profile and consumer profile, as well as receive notifications sent automatically once your electric vehicle’s charging session is interrupted or completed. Furthermore, FLO network offers 24h/7 assistance to its members.

It is not necessary to be a member of the network to connect your electric vehicle to a FLO charging station. For non-members, it is possible to pay by credit card under certain conditions, directly at the selected charging station. Simply add your banking info in the required field of the mobile application. You can also use a card from the Electric Circuit network to connect to a FLO charging station.

Cost Per Charge

Every charging station has a service fee that varies. Concerning level 2 charging stations (240 volts), they cost $1/h and are billed by the minute. As for the suggested service fee for a fast charging station (level 3), it costs $10/h, billed by the minute.

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