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Charging stats in a 15km radius of Calgary

  • Level 2 percent: 100%
  • Level 2 total: 38
  • Level 3 percent: 0%
  • Level 3 total: 0
  • Free percent: 86.84%
  • Free total: 33
  • City Total: 38
  • Main Networks: Sun Country Highway,Tesla


Calgary is the biggest city of Alberta and the 5th largest urban area of Canada, with approximately 1.2 million residents. Although its downtown has been majorly colonized by Alberta’s oil, the City of Calgary has made many steps to develop its charging infrastructure.

Today, we find public charging stations (level 2 and 3) within a radius of 10 miles in Calgary.

Among them, there are free charging stations in the City. You can locate them by using ChargeHub’s charging station map, available for iOS and Android devices.

With ChargeHub’s map, you will see the multiple charging networks established in the City of Calgary. For example, there is Tesla, ChargePoint, Sun Country Highway and many more. To find out more information about them, please consult our section on Charging Networks.

For electric vehicle drivers, the influx of charging stations spreading across Calgary is a welcome sight. More and more charging stations are popping up pretty much everywhere, from stores, to hotels, to restaurants. Like the IKEA Calgary store, which allows electric vehicle drivers to complete a charge during their errands.

There is also a level 2 charging station placed in the parking lot of the Centennial Place Parkade, near the Prince’s Island Park.

Calgary is a city with an atmosphere of the Far West and is also the highest city in Canada, as it is situated at 1 139 meters above sea level. Located at the meeting point of Banff National Park and of the Prairies, the City and its surroundings offer numerous possibilities as for the sporting and recreational activities: biking, skiing, snowboarding, golf, hiking.

The City of Calgary charging infrastructure is more than well equipped to serve the EVs on its roads. You can certainly drive electric with peace of mind in the largest city of Alberta.

The city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, has 38 public charging station ports (Level 2 and Level 3) within 15km. 100% of the ports are level 2 charging ports and 86.84% of the ports offer free charges for your electric car.

The two main charging networks in operation are Sun Country Highway and Tesla. You can find out more about the charging networks (policies, pricing and registration information) by visiting our networks section.

With the ChargeHub charging stations map you have all the information you need about Calgary’s public charging infrastructure. The charging stations description gives you the address, the type of connector, the network, the price and a lot more. ChargeHub lists all charging stations (level 1, level 2 and DC Fast Chargers) from any provider or manufacturer in North America like ChargePoint, Circuit Électrique, EVgo, SemaConnect, Sun Country Highway and Tesla. You can check out the map on the responsive website or the native iOS and Android mobile app. ChargeHub users can edit information, add pictures, add comments. Be part of a great community!