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“We would recommend ChargeHub based on the accuracy and reliability of their data, and the speed with which they address our questions and concerns. Over the course of our relationship they have shown that we can trust them to ensure the data Canadians see on our map is up-to-date and correct.”

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Need detailed EV data for your business?

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ChargeHub can provide the most up-to-date electric vehicle charging infrastructure data curated by experts along with thousands of EV drivers throughout North America. Our rigorous database process is used to ensure the highest quality information.

Data can be presented in chart, table or map format* (depending on the nature of the data). We can offer data segmented across provinces, states or countries or by network.

Here is a sample of reports available through Chargehub's business solutions:

  1. Overview by connector (USA and Canada)
  2. Top 10 DC Fast connectors
  3. Data for DC Fast
  4. Top 10 L2 connectors
  5. Data for L2 connectors
  6. Comparison reports for DC Fast and L2
  7. DC Fast connector market share
  8. Tesla, CHAdeMO and SAE connector maps

* Only included in Quarterly report purchase

Picking the right report

We offer one-time reports or data on a quarterly basis.

Need information on the fly?

Solo reports are a great way to get the data you need!


We offer some types of data on a quarterly basis such as:

  • DC Fast installations
  • Overview by connector in Canada
  • Overview by connector in the U.S.A.

Any data can be provided on a quarterly basis, but we specifically recommend a quarterly approach for this type of data.

Need more control over the data you require? We offer an API access.

ChargeHub API

Access our database through a simple REST API.

  • Location Type, latitude, longitude
  • Network
  • Charge Level and Power
  • Connector (J1772, CHAdeMO, etc)
  • Cost
  • User Comments
  • Pictures

About Chargehub Business Solutions

Chargehub Business Solutions provides the most reliable market intelligence data on electric vehicle infrastructure in North America to various B2B customers across the United States and Canada.

Need to quickly check if your town has charging stations? Visit our map or our city guide.

We've helped a few companies gain valuable insights through an access to our API. Need to create an interactive map? We can help! Check out the CAA website to see an example of how powerful the Chargehub API truly is!