Public charging made simple.

Activate over 80,000 charging stations across North America directly in our app with ChargeHub Passport. No signing up to networks. A single wallet for all your charging.

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EV Trips



Choose your destination

Because without a destination, who knows if you'll find a place to charge on the road?

Determine your travel itinerary

Do you prefer the scenic route or the fast route? Are there any must-see stops along the way?



Adjust the itinerary to fit available stations

Bad luck, the route you've chosen doesn't have enough stations from the networks you're a member of!

Sign up to the networks operating these stations

Of course, the only station in a key section of the path is operated by a network you are not a member of.



Download these networks' apps

We all have that EV charging folder on our phone and a wallet full of rarely used network cards.

Add funds to each of your accounts

Not a problem for networks that you use often, but those $10 in accounts that you only use once eventually add up.



Take to the road at last

And hope that the stations you've chosen are neither busy nor out of service when you get there!

“We need charging of electric vehicles to be as easy as driving a gasoline vehicle today.”

- David Keith, MIT Sloan Professor

Electric mobility should not be a compromise

The public charging infrastructure is growing rapidly. Stations are appearing all over the continent, making it increasingly feasible to travel with your EV. A universal public charging solution is needed. Let's stop juggling a dozen or so apps and cards just to get from one point to another.

Introducing ChargeHub Passport

A single wallet

Activate stations directly from the ChargeHub app. No need to sign up for the networks you want to charge on. A single wallet to manage.

More than 80,000 charging stations

Stations all over North America. Major networks and more to come. No need to restrict your trips anymore.

Ease of use

A process designed for drivers. Activate stations from all networks in the same way.

Integrated customer service

The quality customer service you're used to, ChargeHub is there if anything goes wrong.

ChargeHub Passport is open to everyone, try it now!

  1. Download the app
  2. Go to a compatible station
  3. Charge your electric car the right way!