Willits KOA

At 25,293 miles over 126 days, I’m some 25 miles from the Willits KOA, where I will spend the night in a cabin some 40% of the way up the coast.

There has been some rain, it is 38°F outside, and Nissan Leaf Range Estimator shows an approximate 1000′ net climb to Willits from here. Temperature bars are at 7, having climbed from 4 yesterday morning to nine yesterday peak, then 5 this morning, and 9 peak again today.

I did run into an unfamiliar Level 3 station today which promptly gave me a serious-looking error code on dash. A gentleman named Hoss at Nissan Roadside Assistance Canada bent over backwards to help me, despite that I inadvertently called the Canada number instead of the correct one.

Turning the car off and on again reset the dash, but I didn’t do it until I arrived, somewhat frazzled, at Sunnyvale Nissan. Sunnyvale’s Lesf inventory is like nothing I’d ever seen. It looked like 1/4 of the lot was rows of multicolored Leafs. So many it was hard to even photograph.

One major highlight of the day was meeting Victor Maldonado, who sold the world’s first Nissan Leaf in December of 2010. Victor, who works at North Bay Nissan, said it was a black one and the owner still gas it and lives in town.

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