The Nissan Leaf Endurance Test

A post in multiple parts.

January 1, 2016: I set out to dispel the myth that the Leaf “can’t do long trips.”

Opening leg:
The King County South Water Treatment plant to Seattle Premium Outlets NRG EVgo DCFC.

50.9 miles in 58 minutes.
+15 minutes waiting for previous customer to complete her charge.
+4:58 to get NRG to activate the charge.

52.7 mph average over mostly highway miles and a few lights for driving only. Estimate charge will finish by 13:45, if I am on my way by then it would be 29.1 mph average to this point.

Distance covered: 50.9 miles
Driving speed average: 52.7 mph
Total anticipated speed: 29.1 mph

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