South Padre Island: the approach

Our engineers have found a weakness–a small thermal exhaust port just below the main port.

But the approach will not be easy…

Truer words have not been said. Last night had me rather unenthusiastically using the flashers…at perhaps an average of 46 mph…on what *should have* been a deserted Texas highway.

Who knew that everyone from north Texas was going to head to south Texas on a Friday night around nine pm? Down the same road that I picked? In their dually pickup trucks with foglamps? At 80 mph+? There must have been a late night rodeo in…wait, there are no cities in the south!

By the time I hit the last stretch of 40+ miles with 49% battery remaining I figured I was pretty much cooked. I’d crossed 60k miles just before reaching Eddie Yaklin Nissan in Kingsville. Charged to full needing to make it 84+ miles to the Valley Gateway RV park. Flat road, warm. Should be no problem. But 75 mph posted. Heavy traffic.

Lots of things go through your mind when making a drive like that one:

What the hell am I doing here?

This is the end. This must be the end.

I wonder if AAA even knows about this place?

Dammit, Texas, couldn’t y’all at least have an accessible 110V outlet at this rest stop?

That must have been the thousandth truck that just passed me!

I wonder how come that State Trooper passed me without even stopping to ask me what the heck I’m doing down here. “Buddy, you got a flat tire or somethin’?”

Never again. Not recommended. Sure, I made it (with 6% to “spare”) but it was the toughest stretch of the whole trip. Enough to make me conclude that south Texas is NOT ready for EVs yet.

I’m tired, the car is tired, and I’m ready to be home for a while. I think maybe it’s time to hit the pause button and finish when I can enjoy better weather for planting, among other things.

Discretion the better part of valor? Yeah, maybe so.

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