Prep Day 1 – Negative Carbon Road Trip Indiegogo

Just launched an Indiegogo campaign as my first major initiative in the battle versus global warming. You can find it here:

The First Annual Negative Carbon U.S. Road Trip

My hope is that with a nominal amount of support from others who share my interest in fighting global warming, we’ll be able to plant a few trees–and hopefully demonstrate the versatility of electric vehicles in the process.

According to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, the last time Earth’s atmosphere held this much carbon dioxide was at least 3 million years ago.

This is bad news for the future of the planet, but we can still do something about it.

People can’t afford to wait much longer on this problem. The effects we’re already experiencing pale in comparison to what we’ll see ten to twenty years from now. What’s worse is that there is a significant delay in the impact of higher concentrations of greenhouse gases on our atmosphere. 

We have yet to experience the worst of what we’ve already done to the planet.

We have technology that we’re not using, and we need to support it:

*We could all be using regenerative braking systems on our cars, for example, but less than 10% of cars are equipped with such systems.
*We could change our driving behaviors by trivial amounts–paying more attention to our acceleration and braking, or inflating our tires to the correct level for instance.
*We could adopt solar technology. We can buy solar systems and save over the long term at zero or near zero upfront cost.

We need to pay attention differently than we are.

We can’t continue to be aimlessly afraid of what might happen if we don’t change our behaviors. It only takes deciding that we’ll do things differently.

We might as well not lead our children if we’re leading them in the wrong direction to a worldful of problems that we ourselves made. We should not scold them to pick up after themselves if we can’t do the same.

The Union of Concerned Scientists on EV technology:

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