NLET part 2

Leg 2: 51.9 miles, avg speed 50.2 mph. Overall speed to charger #2 (Aerovironment Bellingham) ~36.1 mph. Expect to leave here by 15:25…which would make an average of ~30.1mph

The temperature has dropped to 35 degrees which is not very helpful. The border is approximately 27 miles from here and I will hit it by around 4 pm, then return from whence I came and through on to Mexico.

The last charger–another annoying NRG EVgo charger–threw me a dashboard error message which cleared once I power cycled here. It was time limited at 30 minutes and gave me such a weak charge that I had to monitor speed and charge use carefully to make this station 50+ miles away.

One thing that bears mentioning is that NRG reps are much slower, on average, than Aerovironment ones I’ve tested. It has never taken me more than 2:30 to begin charging measured from the time I dialed when using AV. Their standing record is a scant 1:29. The NRG system with its unnecessary complexity typically takes twice as long, the reps are not uniformly organized, and they do not immediately take your information when it’s given them. This last NRG rep managed to start me charging after 4:58 spent waiting. Reflect that this is fully 16.5% of the time you charge for, and that others may be (though in this case weren’t) waiting in line.

There are many improvements to be made in operations for charging station providers. Here’s hoping one or more of them express interest in the information, and resist the temptation to kill the messenger.

Btw…looks like it will be 15:35 before I’m started again. Charging a bit slower due to my use of heat.

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  1. I prefer Aerovironment over NrgEVGO any day. When I was in LA last summer, renting a TURO ride sharer's LEAF, *NONE* of the NrgEVGO stations would accept my nerwork card, saying that "It's Washington State-issued" WTF? Ain't my money worth the same in each state? I had to call and have the station activated every time.

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