How to Convert Your Garage into the Ideal Environment for Your Electric Car

The electric car market is on the rise and many more people are investing in the EV market. With the increase in interest and money, manufacturers are creating many new solutions to previously held problems. These manufacturers have simplified making garages friendly to electric vehicles and are creating ways to make the process much more simple. Now there are many ways that electric vehicle owners can go when converting their garages into the ideal environment for their electric vehicles. These are the basic things that you should prepare.

Home Charging Station

Relying on a remote charging location, despite the availability of locator apps that help electric vehicles owners, is not ideal. Through a little garage organization, and electrical expertise, you can install your own charging station in your home. Your charging station will need to be able to supply ample voltage for your vehicle’s battery pack; which can be accomplished through the use of Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE).

Power Options

There are several types of power options that are available to the electric vehicle market; a 120-volt outlet, that releases 12 amps, and a 240-volt outlet, that can release anywhere between 20 and 40 amps. The 240-volt outlet charges a vehicle much quicker than a 120-volt outlet, but it utilizes more power in order to accomplish this. A 240-volt outlet will require more preparation for your house to handle due to the additional load requirement.

Climate Control

Although not a requirement, your garage should have some sort of climate control to provide the best environment for your electric vehicle’s battery. Installing things such as a thermostat, or insulation for the walls and garage door, will help keep your garage at a suitable climate.


The price of most Electric Vehicle Service Equipment does not include installation costs. If you are not experienced with electrical wiring, it will be best for you to contact a certified electrician that will be able to set up your outlet properly. Your outlet should be dedicated to charging your electric vehicle alone, and should be located in an optimal position for your vehicle.


Home charging stations and accessories are more available on the market than they have ever been. There is no longer really a need for the owners of electric vehicles to rely on remote charging locations. Through careful planning, and some expertise, you can transform your garage into a safe and practical environment for your electric vehicle.


Featured image courtesy of Organized Garage Solutions

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