Five Types of Protection Every Garage Needs

Unfortunately, a typical car lot is quite inviting to thieves, with the inventory sitting vulnerably outdoors with little to no supervision. Whether you own a car dealership or a garage, you need to know how to keep the vehicles on your lot safe from theft. Here are some of the best security solutions for modern lots.

1. Lock Up Car Keys

All keys should be immediately returned to your keyboard when not being used, and this keyboard should be locked at all times. Nothing makes it easier for a thief than to find a set of keys lying on a desk with no one watching. Educate your staff on the importance of never leaving keys unattended, and make sure they understand the lock-up procedure.


2. Use Strategic Parking

Vehicles themselves can be used as protection. Park cars across the end of aisles, and block in the more valuable models with other vehicles. Regardless of where they are placed, each car should be parked with the front wheels turned and the emergency brake on. These steps prevent anyone from being able to tow vehicles out of the lot.


3. Illuminate the Lot

Bright lights flooding both your lot and the showroom are one of your best defenses against theft. Thieves like working under the cover of the shadows where no one will be able to quickly spot them. Poor lighting, or even worse is no lighting, simply invites them in to do their job. Lights will also make it easier to see your culprits on security cameras.

4. Install Good Fencing

Good fences make good neighbors just like they make safe lots. Installing a fence around the entire perimeter of your dealership or garage deters criminal activity. It also makes it nearly impossible to simply drive off in a vehicle. This is especially true of any area behind the show room that may not be as well lighted as the front.


5. Have Car Dealership Insurance

Even though you never plan to have a theft, these things can and do happen. Your best protection is to have car dealership insurance to protect you. It won’t prevent thieves from getting what they want, but it can ease the pain you’ll feel afterwards. With the right type of plan, you’ll know that any losses will be recouped.


6. Use hardwired or locked charging station

Some charging station units are hard-wired through a wall directly into the electric panel.  These are typically difficult to steal since it would require the thief to cut live high voltage wires, which can be extremely dangerous.  However, other stations can be plugged to an outlet outside, making them easier for thieves to target.  To prevent this, some charging stations can be locked with a simple padlocked.

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