Day #207

I had a topsy-turvy day yesterday…St. Patrick’s Day started out at Jim Nolan’s house, where I had some great sourdough toast that Jim’s wife makes once or twice a week.

Then I half-raced, half-trafficjammed across Atlanta to get a great tree planting tutorial from Marcus Dottson, NeighborWoods Coordinator for Trees Atlanta–who have planted some 3500 trees since October of last year and have managed to keep Atlanta streets 47% in the shade. We planted a Sweet Cup Oak and it was the largest tree I’ve planted thus far.

I raced off and found Lane Crider and Grant Culbertson at Nissan of Newnan, and Lane bequeathed a $10 Starbucks giftcard on me that made my day. Newnan was very supportive, as were the countless other dealerships I’ve visited especially in the last few days–while turning over 1000 miles/3 days.

Last night, however, I ran into a bit of a snag…

Two wrong turns (a total of 10 miles out of the way) and then arriving at Troy Nissan at 9pm to find them in the midst of renovations found me sitting on 110V for three hours–long enough to grab sone tasty nachos and a beer across the street at a local Mexican place.

The rain came down hard and the windows fogged up, but I made it to the Ozark/Fort Rucker by 1am and found Bill ready to show me to a site. (KUDOS to Bill, but not the less to Lori–who was a genuine treat to be around today. Lori took me to breakfast, to Carroll’s nursery, helped me pick out a nice nectarine tree to plant, and refused to allow me to pay for anything except $20 we decided would go to KOA Care Camps for sick kids. Later she even brought lunch just before we commenced the planting!)

So after Bill showed me to site #24, I took a much-anticipated shower at the unbeatable bathhouse they have there, then crashed for the night, and spent a good portion of the day taking pictures and enjoying great southern Alabama hospitality at the KOA and talking to Lori about EVs.

Oh lastly–and this is important–my buddy Freddie Francis suggested I try out for the World of Beer internship. Basically a job like this one, but one that pays and has a little more concrete direction.

Thus now I am racing off to Orlando for open interviews tomorrow. It’s only 384 miles away…

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