An amazing tour through the Bay Area

A day hard to summarize in words, but easy in pictures.

The highlight?

Well, despite seeing everything Tesla–including a white Model X (at GoPro hdqrtrs), a blue Model X (at Palo Alto Tesla hdqrtrs), a Tesla dealership, the place where they hire Tesla employees–which must be frequented by the man himself, the Fremont factory where the ultimate driving machine (yeah BMW, sorry but that’s not you) is built, and narrowly missing the trifecta of a red Model X at the unbelievably populated Superchargers there at the factory…the best part?

ChargePoint headquarters, an impromptu visit.

–so damn many level 2’s you’d think they were inventing them (they are.)

–a DCFC which would make a beautiful addition to any electronics geek’s mancave–you know, for charging varioud devices ultra fast or for when you love your EV so much that you park it in the living room (hey, you could!)

–staff that were uniformly enthusiastic and welcoming.

–the guy that actually BUILDS those electric highways I’ve been frequenting: Rory Moore.

–EV index-of-information Mike Thompson, who I discovered doing tests of the beautifully designed aforementioned DCFC, and who shares my alma mater. Go Big Red!

–ChargePoint BLING! Two shirts, two “proper” stickers for the car, and miscellaneous other ChargePoint gear for the weary EV tourist.

We turned it into a sort of work meeting pretty fast, which is okay because the lot of us are EV geeks trying to figure out how to optimize the revolution. This was just another true highlight of the trip; hearing some of the latest innovations and more about the development of smart, networked chargers was amazing and fortuitous.

Now, if only ChargePoint could take over the rest of the station providers, or at least shame the rest into adopting similarly effective strategies for R&D and asset management. I won’t hold my breath…

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