29,409.0 miles…Phoenix, check!

After an awesome visit to the West Coast, it was finally time to set my sights on the eastward trek across the southern states, then homeward.

But never fear, I’ve got 12 more states to hit after tonight, so the fun won’t be likely to end before…geez, I hope before March! February is kind enough to provide me an extra day this year so that might help.

142 days into the project, I’ve planted a tree or arranged to have a tree planted in I believe 33 of the 36 states I’ve thus far visited. North Dakota and New Hampshire were the key misses, I’m holding out hope for an Arizona planting before I depart this unseasonably cold (42°F!) State.

At 29,409 miles in 142 days I’m averaging just over 207 miles per day–and just under two and a half times the EPA estimated “range.”

One thought on “29,409.0 miles…Phoenix, check!

  1. This Ain't no Unknown either Captain PLaneT here saying, "and thank you for showing the world that a road trip in a LEAF is possible! All I need is a 240 Volt Adaptable Jesla! "

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