25,000 miles…125 days

I put the Leaf through a little test this week: a quick trip from Corvallis, Oregon to Encinitas, California. About four days of driving with a bunch of interesting stops and photo ops.

A major highlight:
Mark Frohnmayer of Arcimoto gave me a tour of their production facilities for the upcoming SRK8–a three-wheeled, super economical electric two seater which bridges the gap between motorcycles and cars. Though the final version will be enclosed, on Monday it was too rainy for a spin. Perhaps I’ll get another shot this coming week, when I return up the coast to prove once and for all that the electric infrastructure is what makes the difference, and that the Leaf is already more than ready for “the prime time.”

For this misconception-shattering week, I’ll cruise the West Coast’s amazing electric highway–from San Diego to Canada and back! 3000 miles in the span of about a week. I’ll be posting exclusively to this blog, and will be focused much more on demonstrating what the car can do versus taking in the scenery and hitting the landmarks.

A big holiday thank you to the team at EVCHARGEHUB.com for supporting and following me on this journey! This trip could not have gone from concept to reality without your help.

Photo: Mark Frohnmayer and I sitting in a prototype SRK-8

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