11 days, 3,391 miles.

So rather than just blindly make up stories about what electric vehicles are and can do, why not look at the facts?

*a modest EPA-estimated 84 mile range 2013 Leaf just completed over 308 miles per day average for 11 days straight–despite taking a day and a half off.
*the same car completed 563 miles one of those days, and 1000 miles in a two day span during that time
*the same car has averaged over 204 miles per day for 130 days running

“But what about the batteries? I’ve heard you need to replace them after a while and that’s gotta be expensive…”
*the car’s battery was checked by two independent Leaf techs at separate dealers and got an excellent report less than 48 hours ago–including a state of health at 99% despite having taken its driver over 54,700 miles in just 2 years, 11 days.
*the car completed 3 individual days of better than 500 miles after it already had 30,000 miles on the odometer. This included a day during which it visited four state capitals, the Plymouth Rock, and the Cape Cod KOA–where its driver had plenty of time to plant a beautiful Japanese maple courtesy of nearby Katsura Gardens nursery.
*the car has done 500+ miles in a day despite a peak ambient temperature of 95 degrees and 500+ miles in a day despite a low ambient temperature of 28 degrees
*by the time this car requires a battery replacement, next generation batteries will likely have twice the EPA estimated range of this one. The current cost of a battery replacement is listed at $5499 (plus turn in of the old battery.)

The reality is, it no longer makes any sense to buy a gas car off a lot. Within five to eight years, gas cars will be hopelessly inferior in every way, and their resale value will plummet as people begin to accept the new reality of clean transportation. People who are following the technology already know this.

Nowhere was the amazing prowess of EVs better showcased than when I visited The Wayland EV Juice Bar, and its humble proprietor John “Plasmaboy” Wayland. John graciously hosted me on New Year’s Eve on a tour of the White Zombie “production facility” as he jokingly labels his well-appointed garage.

Almost comically self-effacing, when asked where he got his engineering degree, Plasmaboy simply responded, “engineering degree? I barely graduated high school!”

Yeah, John. Likely because you were tinkering with a cold fusion reactor in grandma’s basement!

Plasmaboy is in the process of making gas cars the laughing stock of the transportation world.

With his all-electric beast of a 1972 Datsun, PB can reach 62 mph in 60 feet from a standing start. “White Zombie” may look innocent, but it can best any production car in the world with relative ease, and launches you at multiple g’s to sixty in under 2 seconds *(officially 1.8, unofficially 1.3)* Gas simply can’t get the job done like that.

I also got an up-close look at the current status of Plasmaboy’s latest vision: a converted-to-full-electric Honda Insight expected to travel 400+ miles on a charge. John had put a few hours into that project earlier in the day, and announced it was ‘progressing nicely.’

To top it off, the Wayland EV Juice Bar is located in a normal-looking residential driveway. This was definitely a focal stop on a highlight reel trip: to meet such a spirited team working to push the envelope of electric vehicles was heartening if not utterly awe-inspiring.

If that weren’t enough, I am now in possession of exclusive Plasmaboy stickers for the car!

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